Thursday, March 5, 2009

Still Alive

Very surprised to have had someone notice I wasn't posting. I did recently get extremely busy. You know - the usual. Bombing thermodynamics exams, locking my keys in my car (whilst it was running, naturally), fixing my second flat tire, etc, etc. However, God is very good to me and reminds me in the most shameful ways. My poor sister-in-law actually took the time to have sympathy for me when she is certainly busier with college, work and taking care of my sick brother. Poor, sweet girl.
I have still been reading Calvinistic Cartoons on a semi-regular basis though. This follower is going nowhere.
And hope to eventually have more Mormons come to my door.
Interesting things:
Heard a man speaking on public radio (while riding the bus) about how he had gone from being a devout believer to a liberal Christian to an agnostic because of his finding "discrepancies" within the Bible. He doesn't think that the gospels line up or that the New Testament and Old Testament can be reconciled. When I was much younger, I actually had some of the same confusion. But I understand the story now, much better in any case and have a hard time seeing how he might think the gospels didn't line up. And God is the same throughout the entire Bible, much more readily seen when one understands the cross as God's wrath toward sin and not simply a Roman device for execution. (What I always seem to hear is that the Old Testament God was mean and the New Testament God was nice. But the simple truth is, He has always been good (nice and mean are flimsy words to describe God).)
I'm really getting thrown off by all my paranthesis up there.
Also, there is a speaker named Robert Koons, a professor of philosophy from the University of Texas, here to talk about science and theism. I would go, but I haven't been to BCM in quite a while. However, I read some of his papers just to see and was a bit disappointed on his understanding on the topic of science and theism. Though he does not see the two as contradictory, he does still hold to the theory of evolution. Another paper he wrote detailed his case for Roman Catholicism to which he converted from the Lutheran church, not even in spite of their view on justification but because of it. I have a really hard time understanding how anyone could even want to believe in a works-based religion over a grace-based faith. At that point, "Christianity" just joins the rest of the major religions of the world with a works-reward system that puts the emphasis on man's goodness and never God's glory.