Saturday, December 6, 2008


What is "Christian spirituality" exactly? I've been wondering where the sold-out-for-Christ people are hanging out, so I checked out the websites of some of the on-campus RSOs. Yowzas! I saw the word glorify once. Mostly the descriptions were fuzzy and made no real statement of what the intention of said Christian organization actually is.
I should feel no surprise. This is just another fruit of the modern American church, but it still feels pretty ooky. "Christian spirituality" sounds nearly cultish, at least tribal. Are Christians spiritual? No doubt, but I've seen way too many charismatics defend their complete lack of understanding and totally unGodly way of living with "spirituality." Though this spirituality is usually nothing but occasional floods of emotion.
Anyways, I'm just bummed. Really, where are God's people? Christ didn't die so you could live a well-balanced life and have a slightly higher moral standard than the world around you. Christ died because you (and I) are wicked, depraved, and totally separated from God. The death of Christ is the only thing that could ever pay in full for our sins outside of our own eternal damnation. And ultimately, Jesus suffered on the cross to glorify God.
So balance? Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. Period.

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