Friday, January 23, 2009

A Random Thought From Wretched Radio

A thought from the Wretched Radio program today... do worship leaders use music as a means of manipulation of the emotions of people? My best answer is some do. Really, especially among the unsaved, the tactic probably does more harm than good. I knew a girl a few years ago that claimed to be a Christian after "getting saved" at the church of a major charismatic denomination. However, when prodded as to what she believed and why she believed it, her answer was, "I know it's true because of how it makes me feel." She now calls herself agnostic.
The problem is not feelings, the problem is allowing feelings to be the force behind belief rather than allowing truth the be the force behind emotion. This is not to create any sort of false dichotomy. It's equally frustrating to meet someone who believes without any form of emotional response. That is such a rare experience that it can hardly be considered any sort of troubling problem though. Generally when someone realizes how depraved they are, the response is sadness and appropriately fear. And when someone really understands the cross, the response really ought to be joy and unfathomable gratitude. Perhaps not always. I'm not omniscient. Actually, I know really very little and would have no problem with receiving wisdom from believers more mature (it may not be measurable, but I think they would know) than me.

Wow, am I ever disorganized, but I have no time for this. I have to read my thermodynamics book!

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