Tuesday, February 10, 2009


AWWWW.... I just had the perfect opportunity to witness, and I got too nervous and didn't know what to say!!! I had Mormons come to the door, nooooooooooooooo!!!! I'm so disappointed with myself.
Haha, I tried to ask them about justification, but all they would say was through the atonement of Jesus. And I didn't really know how to squeeze the heresy out of them, so I pretty much chickened out. It totally stinks.

I don't think they wanted to debate with me though. At all.

The lesson I learned is be prepared. I should've given them my million dollar tracts. Very sad.


Angus W. Duncan said...

Don't feel bad, Dana. You made an effort, but it is a difficult task because no matter what you say, they are prepared to not hear you. You never know how the Lord may have used you to force them in their private moments to revisit the doctrine of justification and be troubled.

In case there is a next time, however, here is one that might catch them off guard. The Mormon church has many men who hold the office of High Priest. I'd ask them to read Hebrews 5-10 and then explain why their "high priests" are taking Jesus' place when He is the only qualified High Priest in His Church. I certainly wouldn't want to be in their shoes when they come face to face with Christ one day and have to explain what they are doing stealing his divine position.

Eddie Eddings said...

Is everything okay? Your last post was quite some time ago. Feel free to use any of my Facets of Grace photo-quotes if you need to fill in and save some time. Just concerned.