Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Sad Day

This is a sad day.
Today 3,000 innocent lives in America will be intentionally ended. Simply put, today 3,000 people who haven't even yet had the chance to offend on any level will be murdered.
Sometimes, it's so easy even for those of us to care to forget what it really is. I can scoot right on through life, do my thing, and I don't hear the cries. Like the story of the Christians in Nazi Germany who worshiped near the train tracks. The cries of Jews hauled off to concentration camps, so many to their deaths, were drowned out by the church's hymns of praise.
A wicked people have legislated their own judgment... As Dr. Piper said, America is not eventually going to be judged for abortion, abortion is the judgment, now.
I feel so helpless, but the horror of the true reality of this genocide causes me to want to ditch the "American dream" entirely and spend my life doing something.
I am being trained to design buildings and solve structural problems. I know that God can be glorified in any career pursuit, done rightly and done for Him. But my heart is elsewhere today...

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